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Why WorkLife Partnership?

As a business leader with competing priorities and an already full plate, you don’t always have the time and resources to ensure your workforce is thriving. Add in the high cost of housing and lack of affordable childcare options, your employees may need additional support so they can show up and be engaged while at work.

By making investments in your workforce through programs like WorkLife Partnership, you can help your employees overcome what’s keeping them from being productive on the job. From helping your staff navigate Colorado’s expensive housing market to securing affordable and reliable childcare and avoiding predatory pay day loans, WorkLife Partnership is positioned to work directly with your employees who need additional support so they can show up and be engaged at work.

Our Work

We work directly with employers who want to support the overall well-being and success of their employees, and are willing to invest to that end. We are the only organization doing this work in the region.

WorkLife Navigator
One-on-one support for your employees when life gets tough

By giving your employees access to a WorkLife Navigator, you can help your workers overcome challenges that make staying in their jobs more difficult. Because our Navigators are experts at finding solutions to tough challenges—like accessing reliable transportation, affording a place to live, locating childcare, managing debt—your employees will be able to tackle problems in their lives that can be insurmountable. For you, this means a less stressed, more engaged workforce.

WorkLife’s Small Dollar Loan Program
Helping your employees avoid financial crises


Are your employees coming to you for paycheck advances? Are they bringing their financial stress with them to work? Financial crises can be a major distraction in the workplace if you don’t have a way to help your employees when emergencies arise. WorkLife’s Small Dollar Loan Program can help you give your employees the financial stability they need when the unexpected happens.

Benefits Navigation
Individualized support for your employees in navigating benefits plans

By supporting your workforce in navigating their benefits, fewer employees will be distracted by unexpected health issues and related expenses. WorkLife’s Health Benefits Navigator works with employees individually to help them understand how to best access and utilize their health insurance benefits for both themselves and their families. The Navigator also helps employees understand the importance of preventative care. Along with these services, the Navigator helps to broaden the awareness of and increase access to your wellness programs.

Our Impact

In 2018, WorkLife partnered with 22 employers to help more than 1,000 employees overcome challenges that kept them from showing up and being engaged at work every day.


of  WorkLife survey respondents said that they were less stressed after working with a Navigator.


of  WorkLife survey respondents said that they felt more confident after working with a Navigator.


of WorkLife survey respondents said that felt very or extremely prepared to handle similar situations in the future.

On the Blog

It’s critical your workforce gets support when they encounter tough life challenges. But, it’s not always easy for your employees to ask for help.

Overwhelmed. Burned-out. Exhausted. No matter how you say it, American workers are stressed. In the last six months, 60% of WorkLife clients reported that their stress levels negatively impacted their work and home lives. According to the American Psychological Association, the high cost of living and healthcare expenses are to blame for American's rising stress levels—with 72% of adults feeling stressed about money at least some of the time.

More than 40% of Americans can’t afford to cover an emergency expense of $400 or more. And for those who are just getting by, one financial setback can set off a snowball effect, causing challenges that grow in severity as they goes unresolved. When employees reach out to WorkLife Partnership, it’s rarely because they’re facing just one barrier. In fact, the average WorkLife client reports experiencing six or more barriers at once. When one challenge turns into two and two into three, your employees could find themselves up against issues that are insurmountable—unless they have support.

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