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Why WorkLife Partnership?

As a business leader with competing priorities and an already full plate, you don’t always have the time and resources to ensure your workforce is thriving. Add in the high cost of housing and lack of affordable childcare options, your employees may need additional support so they can show up and be engaged while at work.

By making investments in your workforce through programs like WorkLife Partnership, you can help your employees overcome what’s keeping them from being productive on the job. From helping your staff navigate Colorado’s expensive housing market, to securing affordable and reliable childcare and avoiding predatory pay day loans, WorkLife Partnership is positioned to work directly with your employees who need additional support so they show up and be engaged at work.

Testimonials from WorkLife Employer Members

“We partnered with Worklife in 2017 and 2018 to deliver upskilling and mentoring services to individuals who wanted to enter college and become CNAs. Many of those individuals had no secondary education experience and mastering the eligibility requirements of enrollment was daunting. They were intimidated and some wanted to turn and run away. Fortunately, our Upskill Coach, walked with them. She cajoled, encouraged, directed, and guided students through enrollment, classwork, graduation, and certification. Without that personal relationship and subject matter expertise, fewer individuals would have successfully passed the course, and been available for employment at CLC.”

– Jan Roth, Executive Director of HR

“WorkLife is a great resource that offers assistance and support to overcome many of the obstacles our employees may be facing. WorkLife has various connections throughout the community to offer individualized support to put our employees on the path to success.  At first, we thought our employees might be reluctant to discuss personal matters with someone they did not have a familiar relationship with. But, as more employees meet with the WorkLife navigator, their trust level grows and now they are even referring their coworkers to the program. It is so nice to see our employees receive the individualized help and attention they need.”

– Dawn Donaldson, Benefits & Compensation Coordinator

“We understand that having major life challenges can be very distracting for our employees. However, if WorkLife can provide assistance to those who need it, our employees are able to focus on our residents and provide them with quality care. Also, we have seen an impact of WorkLife’s program on our retention numbers. Employees who have spent time with a Navigator stay in their roles longer compared to those who have not. The cost and time to retrain a new employee is too high to not partner with WorkLife.”

–  Yvonne Myers, Health Systems Director &  Joyce Saffel, Human Resources Director

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Overwhelmed. Burned-out. Exhausted. No matter how you say it, American workers are stressed. In the last six months, 60% of WorkLife clients reported that their stress levels negatively impacted their work and home lives. According to the American Psychological Association, the high cost of living and healthcare expenses are to blame for American's rising stress levels—with 72% of adults feeling stressed about money at least some of the time.

More than 40% of Americans can’t afford to cover an emergency expense of $400 or more. And for those who are just getting by, one financial setback can set off a snowball effect, causing challenges that grow in severity as they goes unresolved. When employees reach out to WorkLife Partnership, it’s rarely because they’re facing just one barrier. In fact, the average WorkLife client reports experiencing six or more barriers at once. When one challenge turns into two and two into three, your employees could find themselves up against issues that are insurmountable—unless they have support.

When I moved to Colorado to start a new job, I knew that I would have the same salary, but the cost of living was 200% what I was accustomed to in Kansas City. I also owed significant debt to the IRS due to an error. I was having a hard time digging out from this tax debt, and I was scared about how I was going to make things work financially in Colorado. On top of that, I ultimately wanted to get into a place of my own since the cost of real estate was skyrocketing.

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