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Your people are your most valuable asset.
You have the opportunity to help them succeed.

As an HR professional with competing priorities and an already full plate, you don’t always have the time and resources to ensure your workforce is thriving. Add in the high cost of housing and lack of affordable childcare options, your employees may need additional support so they can show up and be engaged while at work. That’s where we come in.


From helping your frontline workforce navigate Colorado’s expensive housing market, to securing affordable and reliable childcare and avoiding predatory pay day loans, WorkLife Partnership is positioned to work directly with your frontline workforce—all while strengthening your bottom line.

Employer Partners

“We partnered with Worklife in 2017 and 2018 to deliver upskilling and mentoring services to individuals who wanted to enter college and become CNAs. Many of those individuals had no secondary education experience and mastering the eligibility requirements of enrollment was daunting. They were intimidated and some wanted to turn and run away. Fortunately, our Upskill Coach, walked with them. She cajoled, encouraged, directed, and guided students through enrollment, classwork, graduation, and certification. Without that personal relationship and subject matter expertise, fewer individuals would have successfully passed the course, and been available for employment at CLC.”

– Jan Roth, Executive Director of HR

“WorkLife Partnership is truthfully that—a partnership. They have the same goals and objectives as employers to keep employees’ wellness in mind as we all navigate how to balance our work life and personal life. As I have worked with WorkLife, the conversations always surround how we, as the employer, and WorkLife can provide the best assistance to our employees together in whatever form that may take. WorkLife really takes our employees’ needs to heart and provides excellent options for assistance … When looking at our company’s statistics for services they have provided, it’s staggering, and the amount of support provided is more than just monetary numbers. The intangible support our employees feel is far more valuable … it is incomparable.”

– Tara Seyffert, HR Specialist

“What has surprised us the most about working with WorkLife Partnership are the actual needs our employees have. While the issues run the gamut, we’ve been able to identify some specifically and have been working on them as a company. Since partnering with WorkLife, we’ve seen increased utilization of their services among our employees, as well as a realization that our company cares enough to offer them a service like WorkLife.”

– Lauren Worth, HR Manager

WorkLife Partnership works directly with employers to address productivity, engagement, and retention problems by helping your workforce navigate solutions to real life problems.


 average percent of the annual salary to replace a middle-skilled worker


 average ROI realized by employer members partnering with WorkLife Partnership


of employees we work with remained employed at the end of the year

Help your workforce thrive.

There are so many resources available to employers and their workforce—countless programs, incentives, and economic development initiatives—it can be difficult to focus on the ones that will positively impact your workforce.

WorkLife works directly with you and your employees, leveraging the workforce, educational, and community connections that we’ve cultivated over the last decade. We use data to understand an employer’s needs, so we’re able to strategically tackle the retention, engagement, and productivity issues affecting your bottom line.

Colorado’s middle class is in distress according to a state specific study conducted by two University of Colorado Denver professors, Todd L. Ely, Ph.D., and Geoffrey Propheter, Ph.D. Their report, entitled “Colorado’s Middle Class Families: Characteristics and Cost Pressures,” reveals unsettling findings about […]

This was a title of a recent CNBC article. But, while the title itself might scream “clickbait,” the unfortunate reality is affordable childcare for many working Americans is more of a fantasy than an reality. In Colorado alone, more than 2.4 […]

Alicia is trying to focus on her work. She is covering the second window at the fast-food restaurant where she has been working for the last three weeks. In this position she takes orders, collects money, and makes change. She’s […]

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