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Hi there. My name is Christina, and I’m with Pathways and I work in their facilities in Western Weld County. I took the “Bootstraps” class with WorkLife Partnership, and I would highly recommend it. It helped me become more conscious of collecting more receipts, being aware of any internal inconsistencies. I highly recommend taking this class. I’ve been able to purchase a home now, and I’ve been a lot more aware of my spending. And it has been overall a wonderful experience.


My name’s Quiness Clark. I work at Gallegos Sanitation. I’m a Building Assistant. I’ve used Logan the Navigator to help me with my taxes, and he also helped to get me into a class for first-time buyers and home things, so he’s very handy. And if you need help, it’s really easy just to approach him, and get the help that you’re looking for.


Hi; I’m Kim Callaway. I work at Pathways in Fort Collins. I’m in Provider Relations here, so I work with different facilities in the area and make sure our services are delivered smoothly. After I started working here, I met Logan and became involved in the program. And, oh my gosh, I had no idea there was help like this out there. I recently moved to Colorado and got a new job. I’m raising my granddaughter, and it’s just me. And Logan stepped in and made such a difference in my world with so many resources that I had no idea were available–grandparent resources, resources for the grandchild to go and have different activities. I can’t say enough good things about Logan and this program.


My name is Jared Bowman. I’m an Account Specialist here at Gallegos Sanitation Incorporated. As an Account Specialist, my job is to take inbound and outbound calls concerning our customers here at GSI as it relates to trash. In working with WorkLife—a great company—we highly recommend them. They’ve been a great source of help for GSI for quite some time. A lot of what they do is assist a lot of the employees here concerning personal matters which could be financial or anything else related to what we may need help with. WorkLife is an overall great company that we highly recommend.


Hi; my name is Tracy Nicolls. I am the HR Generalist here at Pathways. And in the HR Generalists role, I do a lot of different things. I help employees with their benefits, just general issues that they might have—FMLA requests, things like that. We’ve been working with WorkLife Partnership for almost a year now, and we’ve referred several people to WorkLife Partnership, and I think that all of the feedback has been very good. Most everyone has been able to be
helped in some way. Logan is always very available and very accommodating to our employees’ needs. So, I think the program has been great. And I think all our employees would say the same thing—that this has been a very beneficial benefit to our employees. So, we’re very grateful to have them here.