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We Partner With Businesses to Deliver Proven ROI.

WorkLife Partnership is the first nonprofit organization in Colorado to deploy strategic talent engagement and retention programs that deliver proven ROI. Our Sustainable Workforce Model is expanding nationally because it works. This system engages human capital, increases economic opportunity for families through work, protects the bottom line, and builds more inclusive workplace cultures. WorkLab Innovations, a national network, is replicating the Sustainable Workforce Model nationally.

Our Mission

To build prosperity for individuals, business, families, and communities by unleashing the potential of front line workers through collaboration with their employers and other resources.

Our Vision

Prosperity is possible for everyone through work.

About Our Work

Your employees want to work and stay engaged, but sometimes life gets in the way. WorkLife connects these low/middle-skilled employees in need with resources and education that help them better their lives today and in the future. In 2017, we helped more than 800 working families overcome tough challenges. And, 85% of the employees we worked with kept their jobs.

We partner with businesses who want to help their employees become bigger assets to the company and overcome personal and financial struggles. Whether your workers are concerned about childcare costs, a utility shut-off, or a pile-up of bills, you have the power to invest in resources that will help them navigate these challenges.

Better work. Better life.

A benefit like no other, WorkLife Partnership provides personalized and localized assistance to low/middle-skilled employees who need new skills and/or resources to address challenges such as housing, finances, healthcare, childcare, or transportation. By connecting employees with vital resources to address these challenges, employees are empowered to contribute positively to the economy and company productivity.

Workforce Sustainability –
A Proven Model

In 2017, WorkLife, along with Connect for SuccessThe SOURCE, and Working Bridges, came together to found WorkLab Innovations—a national nonprofit network that catalyzes employer investments in frontline workers by expanding access to the Sustainable Workforce Model. Fast forward to today, four operating members from Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, and New Orleans have joined the WorkLab Network with plans of adding eight additional operating members in the year ahead.

Learn how you can leverage the Sustainable Workforce Model at your company. We work with companies of all size and can also partner with co-ops of smaller businesses that want to join together to decrease their overhead costs and benefit their workforce. Contact us today.