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Employers have a stake in improving access to childcare in Colorado. Unreliable and limited access to childcare leads to unplanned absenteeism and disruption to workforce productivity. This is particularly true for lower-wage workers whose access to affordable, convenient, and reliable childcare is extremely limited.

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In the United States, companies lose an average of $3 billion annually as a consequence of childcare-related absenteeism. Whether caused by breakdowns in childcare plans or lack of access to convenient, reliable care, these absences have real impacts on employee productivity.

Without an infrastructure of quality, affordable, convenient childcare options in the community, your employees may be faced with making the choice between leaving their child at home or calling in at work.

45% of parents reported that breakdowns in childcare plans resulted in missing work – an average of 4.3 days every six months.


Through our HomeStart program, a collaboration between WorkLife and Care@Work, we work to build up the number of childcare businesses in neighborhoods and communities surrounding where employers live and work.


WorkLife Partnership also serves as a Colorado Childcare Contribution TaxCredit Intermediary, working to assist employers in using business donations to build up affordable childcare options in underserved neighborhoods.


Navigators step in to assist individual workers in finding affordable, convenient, flexible, and reliable childcare solutions where they live and work.


When you trust WorkLife Partnership to help you bridge your frontline employees’ childcare needs, your business will benefit from a higher retention rate, less absenteeism due to lost childcare, and parents who are no longer distracted by childcare issues, thus able to give their jobs their undivided attention.


Reduction in turnover saves companies money in replacing lost employees.

Workers who are connected with quality, affordable, convenient childcare are 60% less likely to quit or seek other employment.

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