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WorkLife’s strategy of career coaching via upskilling not only helps increase employee engagement and productivity—while decreasing turnover—but also fills gaps in the skills of your workforce.

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In a recent survey of 34,000 people, dissatisfaction with career development ranked highest in reasons for leaving a company. Yet, only half of workers report that their companies provide upskilling and career development opportunities that actually meet employees’ needs for advancement.

At the same time, a statewide shortage in middle-skilled workers means you have a limited pool of new candidates to fill positions. By providing access to career pathways and skills development to your existing workforce, you have the opportunity to overcome both challenges.

With record-low unemployment in Colorado, you need to do everything you can to upskill and retain your workforce.


When you proactively invest in your workforce’s skills, you can increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. And, it’s a lot more cost-effective to train employees and keep them in your organization than it is to search for, hire, and train new workers.

WorkLife’s Upskill Coaches can create a comprehensive, customized plan for educating and developing your workers. From workforce and program evaluation to group trainings, soft skills development and one-on-one coaching, our Upskill Program is scalable and tailored to your individual business needs.

Backfilling positions isn’t just expensive—it’s time consuming for managers and HR departments.


You’ll keep more people. When deciding whether to stay at a job, 70% of employees reported access to career development and upskilling influenced their decision to stay.


You’ll retain your skilled workforce. it’s expensive to replace specialized workers. Developing your existing employees leads to higher loyalty, engagement, and job satisfaction, meaning you’ll avoid the time and expense of replacing skilled workers.

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