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Employees who are not distracted by overcoming financial hardship are more likely to be engaged and focused on the quality of their contributions while at work.

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You understand that your employees are your greatest asset, so helping them succeed is your highest priority. But, sometimes issues arise that leave your workers feeling financially insecure.


When your frontline workers are stressed about money, they’re less productive. They’re less engaged. Survey after survey has continued to validated this. In fact, a recent survey indicated that one in three workers have felt distracted by personal finances while at work.


So, what does this mean for your business? Reduced productivity and reduced output. With workers consistently stressed about making minimum payments, paying rent, or saving for retirement, their focus is often elsewhere.

46% of workers reported they regularly felt stressed about finances and less than 40% of the U.S. population has enough money saved to cover an emergency expense of just $400.


WorkLife Partnership’s Financial Asset Building Program helps employees overcome immediate financial shortfalls while setting them up for longer term financial stability. Short term, low interest loans deducted directly from paychecks help employees overcome unexpected expenses and reduce workplace distractions. One-on-one financial coaching helps ensure employees can pay back loans without creating additional stress and free income tax preparation ensures your workforce can stay focused and engaged in their work.

Our expert Financial Coaches help your employees navigate times when there is just “more month than money.”


Your engagement with WorkLife’s Financial Asset Building Program can release the burden of handling employee financial situations internally and help your workforce progress toward longer term financial stability. Low cost loans help workers avoid predatory lending, empower them to make more informed financial decisions, and alleviate stress and anxiety caused by debts or financial insecurity.

Workplaces that offer financial wellness programs are consistently ranked higher in employee reviews. Not only will you hold on to more of your current workforce, you may also attract more skilled candidates.

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