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We identify community programs, financial wellness programs, and personal opportunities that improve your bottom line by helping workers avoid or overcome the circumstances that may lead to termination.

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The rate of turnover in today’s entry-level workforce is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Lower-wage positions are particularly prone to vacancies–43% of employees who quit their jobs in six months or less are lower/middle-skilled-and it costs nearly 50% of the annual salary of a middle skilled employee to replace them.


With Colorado’s low unemployment rates, increasingly competitive benefit packages, and the majority of job creation being for middle-skilled positions, companies today need to find more creative ways to retain their workforce.


WorkLife Partnership will work with your company to address the underlying causes of employee turnover. By helping reduce and eliminate stress caused by financial pressures, childcare concerns, transportation issues—or the other day-to-day challenges with which our Navigators can help—WorkLife helps reduce preventable employee terminations.



Further, employers who invest in Upskill services and provide clear career pathways for their employees send a clear message that they care about nurturing and retaining their workforce.


85% of employees that work with our expert Navigators stay in their jobs.

By assisting your workforce in overcoming challenges to work and life stability, WorkLife helps you retain a larger percentage of your workforce each year. Greater stability reduces the pressure on employees that might lead them to voluntary or involuntary termination.

Often just knowing you provide a benefit like WorkLife Partnership assures employees you care about their well-being and are willing to invest in their long term success.

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