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We’re quickly approaching one of the largest days of online giving in the state. Colorado Gives Day, this year on Tuesday, December 4, encourages thousands of people to come together—in 24 hours—to support Colorado nonprofits like ours.

At WorkLife, we believe prosperity is possible for everyone through work. That’s why we’re helping working families across Colorado overcome difficult life challenges that could keep them from showing up to work every day. Last year alone, we helped more than 800 families overcome challenges to work and home life stability. And, over 85% of the employees we worked with were still employed at the end of the year. That’s no small impact. 

This year, we’re challenging our donors to how they can make the most out of their contribution on Colorado Gives Day…because we can’t do this work without their support.

A gift of just $99 to WorkLife can:

  • Keep a working family warm this winter by helping them avoid utility shut off
  • Make safe and affordable housing a reality by contributing to a security deposit and first-month’s rent for someone who recently relocated to Colorado for work
  • Provide two employees with year-long bus passes in Fort Collins
  • Help a family afford a minor car repair

Donations go further on Colorado Gives Day
No matter the size of your gift, if you donate on or before December 4, your gift will be boosted by the $1 Million Incentive Fund, which means that every dollar WorkLife receives increases the percentage of the $1 million that will be awarded to us. So, if we receive 5% of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, then we’re eligible to receive 5% of the Incentive Fund.

How to Donate
You don’t have to wait until December 4 to make your contribution. You can schedule your donation here and select “Co Gives Day” as the frequency. Thanks in advance for your support!

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