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WorkLife Deputy Director


The Deputy Director role for WorkLife Partnership is a new position and reports to Founder and Executive Director, Liddy Romero. Our new Deputy Director will be a proven leader, successful manager, and strategic thinker; and will act as a driving force in the development and implementations of key strategic initiatives across the organization.

Our Deputy Director MUST love management and be a proven, effective, and positive manager who adds to our strong leadership team. You will directly manage the Executive Level staff, and coach them so that management practices are consistent throughout the organization. You will manage our Director of Programs who is responsible for the efficacy of all our program and service offerings; as well as grant deliverables. You will manage our Impact Manager who is responsible for our data and account management for our fee-for-service. You will manage our Operations Director who tracks AP/AR, legal/, HR, compliance, and financials. You will manage our Business Developer who drives our business membership, fee-for-service, and financial sustainability. You will manage Communications/Marketing that portrays who, what, and how we do business to the community and employer members. You will be a Management Magician as you will be responsible for the overall health of the organization.

You will continuously partner with the Executive Director to execute WorkLife’s 1-year plan, 3-year plan, and 10-year goals. As such, being able to think strategically and execute effectively is crucial for success in this role.


Execute on behalf of the Executive Director:

Review, analyze and offer recommendations to the Executive Director of current operations in terms of staff, assigned functions, performance metrics, and their respective strategic planning efforts to ensure alignment with goals and ED’s vision. Prepares reports and track key performance metrics for the WorkLife Board of Director. Help execute ED ideas and vision when appropriate. Continually analyzes program effectiveness to support WLP’s research and design approach.

Represents WLP to stakeholders:

Proven knowledge and experience in the Colorado workforce development market. You must know the key players, have maintained positive relationships, and know how to build collaborative partnerships in our communities. Cultivate, foster and maintain positive working relationships with CBOs, businesses, and philanthropy to gain partnership and support to further organizational or operational interests and objectives.

Works with Account Managers to maintain employer membership at 90% every year, and reduce attrition.

Presents WLP to various audiences. Represents WLP in various networking, social, and sector events.

Executes our “Entrepreneurial Operating System”:

Develops quarterly work plans and strategies to meet business needs. Tracks and drives key performance indicators of the business on a weekly basis. Drives ‘pulse’ meetings on a quarterly basis to ensure all leadership and management staff are meeting their performance goals. Provides quarterly performance evaluations and coaches to improved outcomes. Manages talent by a ‘get it, want it, the capacity to do it’ method, and helps management meet WorkLife’s core values. Develops and directs the implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and work standards to ensure success. Communicates business and work area plans and goals to managers and supervisors to secure buy-in. Review, approve, and implements recommended changes to plans and leads the development of process and operational improvements.

Financial Stability and Planning:

Maintain our fee-for-service (FFS) as the first-priority funding stream. Leads financial goals of increasing FFS every year for the next 3 years in partnership with the Business Developer. Develops and monitors the budget and oversees financial well-being by analyzing cost-effectiveness. Reviews monthly financials approves costs, works with managers to ensure costs are warranted. Presents financials to the Board on a regular basis. Responsible for overseeing financial policies and procedures.

Prioritizes and allocates resources to achieve strategies. Utilizes resources to develop or expand services and/or operation. Ensures resources are utilized appropriately and do not exceed the established budget without approval.


The Deputy Director will receive a review from the ED on a quarterly basis and a more formal feedback review from peers annually. The following competencies will be assessed:

  • Leading and Deciding
    • Deciding and Initiating Action
    • Leading and Supervising
  • Supporting and Co-operating
    • Working with People
    • Adhering to Principles and Values
  • Interacting and Presenting
    • Relating and Networking
    • Persuading and Influencing
    • Presenting and Communicating Information
  • Analyzing and Interpreting
    • Writing and Reporting
    • Applying Expertise and Technology
    • Analyzing
  • Creating and Conceptualizing
    • Learning and Researching
    • Creating and Innovating
    • Formulating Strategies and Concepts
  • Organizing and Executing
    • Planning and Organizing
    • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
    • Following Instructions and Procedures
  • Adapting and Coping
    • Adapting and Responding to Change
    • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
  • Enterprising and Performing
    • Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives
    • Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking



  • 10+ years’ experience in management
  • Deep knowledge in workforce development
  • Passion for our work
  • Ability to do business electronically, familiar with team-work platforms, comfortable with online communication tools (webinars, video conferencing, etc)
  • B.A. or B.S. or higher



  • Location: Denver, CO ; travel within Colorado 25%
  • Salary Range: Competitive pay and benefits
  • Term: Full Time, Benefits Included
  • Apply to Liddy Romero, with your resume and cover letter. There will be several rounds of interviews if you are selected as a candidate.



WorkLife Partnership, founded in 2009, utilizes the Sustainable Workforce Model to partner with employers to help stabilize and retain their workers who face challenges to job retention and success. We are the only organization doing this work in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region and we’re excited to be expanding nationally. Our core values are:

  • Brave
  • Data Storytelling
  • Industrious
  • Cultivating Potential
  • Enthusiastically Entrepreneurial
  • Calm Resilience