Employer Membership Director


WorkLife Partnership, a Denver-based 501c3, seeks an Employer Membership Director with 2-5 years of experience managing B2B client relationships to oversee our Employer Membership relationships. This is a critical role for the organization as it seeks to maintain strong, collaborative partnerships with its legacy members while scaling nationally to serve businesses of all sizes across a variety of sectors.


Job Summary

The Employer Membership Director will oversee WorkLife’s Employer Engagement strategies both regionally and nationally as WorkLife scales and expands services across the country. The Employer Membership Director will be responsible for maintaining and growing WorkLife’s employer income and strengthening its employer relationships through exceptional service, engagement and communication. Using insights gathered from team members, businesses and experts, the Employer Membership Director will be essential in codifying best practices around employer member engagement and understanding what makes employers continue to invest.


The Employer Membership Director will be dedicated to seeking opportunities to continuously improve relationships with employer members including increased penetration, improved outreach and training, and finding ways to “institutionalize” our services. At the same time, the Director will be sensitive to organizational needs ensuring we appropriately manage employer expectations.



  • Maintains employer member revenue and drives employer member retention strategy, actively engaging in membership contract renewals (including annual planning and budget meetings)
  • Owns all WorkLife employer relationships from launch through retention; manages all customer communications, resolves issues, and ensures high awareness and utilization of services; schedules and leads quarterly reviews and annual meetings
  • Participates in sales meetings when needed to support the “close”
  • Monitors developments and changes in customer needs, human resources and workforce development to identify opportunities to introduce additional services to employer members
  • Supports employers in advocating/promoting WorkLife’s Resource Navigation Service organization-wide via employer and outreach communication strategies
  • Collaborates with Customer and program management to define Employer Member goals and expectations; actively manages key performance indicators to ensure achievement of expectations
  • Responsible for managing, planning, and directing employer member service strategies regionally in Colorado and as WorkLife expands nationally
  • Attends/participates in relevant national live and virtual events, advancing WorkLife’s mission and vision and professionally representing our work
  • Leads employer impact strategy supporting employer reporting and communication employing a lean data approach
  • Works cross functionally to resolve service delivery issues and ensure client needs are met and we maintain the business we want
  • Oversees all internal communication related to new employer launches ensuring all stakeholders are aware of service scope, delivery timelines and other details
  • Keeps leadership team informed of progress and obstacles related to customer accounts, seeking feedback and support as necessary
  • Demonstrates an ability to scout business vulnerabilities and involve other stakeholders in order to address quickly; willing to share the bad news
  • Maintains accurate account records in support of current and reliable financial forecasts



  • Planning and forecasting: ability to use data available (both internal and external) to forecast future outcomes
  • Communication: ability to communicate and converse at multiple levels – from frontline worker to C-suite; understands how to adapt communication style
  • Active Listening: listens carefully and understands the importance of what is said and unsaid
  • Problem-solving: ability to approach problems creatively and calmly and knows when it’s to appropriate to escalate; able to make informed, independent and defendable decisions on behalf of the organization
  • Customer oriented: focused on achieving desired outcomes for both the external and internal customer; ability to balance external customer and organizational needs
  • Curious: wants to know more about what our employer partners are experiencing; independently seeks out information and resources to nurture own expertise in related matters
  • Openness to feedback and ideas: willing to listen to and absorb feedback and different ideas; ability to put feedback into practice when appropriate.
  • Flexible and resilient: ability to function in ambiguity; confident in thinking on your feet


Preferred Experience

  • At least 1-2 years of experience with CRM database tech; understanding of how to use CRM tools to support relationship management (Salesforce experience highly desirable)
  • Experience working with HR partners; understanding of national workforce challenges, in particular those facing frontline workers
  • Professional and polished presentation and communication skills
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Experience scaling business services


WorkLife Partnership values the lived and learned experience of all candidates and is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. We encourage qualified candidates with all different experiences and backgrounds to apply.


Compensation and Benefits

We are proud to offer a competitive salary and benefits package to our employees. The starting salary for the Employer Membership Director is $72K-$76K annually commensurate with experience. We also offer:


  • Health, dental, vision and life insurance
  • Vacation and sick time
  • Paid holidays
  • 401k (after one year)
  • Legal & identity protection services, short term disability, FSA and voluntary AD&D coverage also available
  • Semi-flexible schedule
  • Remote work


To be considered for the Employer Membership Director position please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@worklifepartnership.org by 6pm MDT, Friday Jun 25.


About WorkLife Partnership

WorkLife Partnership, founded in 2009, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to economic equity and thriving workplaces in Colorado. WorkLife deploys its Resource Navigator services inside of business to minimize work disruptions, decrease absenteeism, improve workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increase employee retention and engagement by offering personalized, immediate, one-on-one assistance when workers need it most. We are People Helping People Solve Real Problems. WorkLife’s services are available to over 70,000 workers in 125 regions across the country.


Our Core Values

Brave • Cultivating Potential • Calm Resilience • Enthusiastically Entrepreneurial • Data Storytellers • Connection