WorkLife Resource Navigator

Location: New York


WorkLife Partnership is looking for an adaptable person to join our dynamic and entrepreneurial culture. WorkLife Partnership uses Resource Navigators to partner with employers to help stabilize and retain their workers who face challenges to job retention and success. WorkLife provides personalized assistance to low/middle-skilled employees of all backgrounds by providing resource referrals, customized goal plans, and one-on-one support.

Essential Duties

  • Assess client needs, create goals, and connect clients to community resources that address short- and long-term needs.
  • Provide basic financial coaching around budgeting, credit building, and spending behaviors.
  • Build a deep understanding of employer culture, employee benefits, workplace and industry concerns, community needs, and community resources.
  • Use task and time management technology including scheduling software, messaging platforms, referral databases, and virtual connection tools to drive independent and team-focused work.
  • Collect and accurately enter data on service delivery through a Salesforce database platform.
  • Capture qualitative data and client stories to demonstrate service impact.
  • Effectively conduct outreach and engage with employers to drive client utilization of services.
  • Present on resource navigator services to large and small audiences.
  • Demonstrate an ability to anticipate and gracefully respond to changing environments, directions, and needs.


Required Competencies

  • Human behavior or services background: experience providing direct services in roles such as case management, career or financial coaching, social work, or other helping professions.
  • Strong empathic and interpersonal communication skills: Excels at employing empathy and effective communication techniques to build relationships with clients, colleagues, and community partners of varying backgrounds and life experiences.
  • Community and connection driven: seeks real connection with others; willing to explore and engage fully with the needs, resources, cultures, and populations of the communities we serve.
  • Resource Knowledge: Have existing familiarity with New York State and New York City community and state resources and experiences with effective research practices to find and utilize available resources to solve problems and meet goals.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills: utilize strong critical thinking to identify, assess, and solve complex problems with clients and colleagues.
  • Independently motivated: maintains motivation and accountability, especially when working remotely and managing individual projects; able to seamlessly transition from independent to team-focused work.
  • Highly responsive and adaptable: accommodates flexibility to meet clients where they are (physically, mentally, emotionally) and to respond swiftly to changing challenges and needs of clients and the organization.
  • Commitment to cultural humility and equity: Strives to identify internal and organizational biases and implement actionable steps toward diversity, inclusion, and equity.


Preferred Competencies

  • Resilient: understands importance of self-care in assisting with complex client challenges (e.g. homelessness, domestic violence, financial distress and poverty, mental health needs). Pro-actively implements self-care plan and seeks support from others when needed.
  • Experience with research-informed and best practices in areas ofcase management, financial coaching, budgeting, resource referral, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care, Mental Health First Aid.
  • Data-driven: understands the importance of data to impact and outcome reporting, can effectively utilize database software to find, report, and interpret data.
  • Creative and innovative thought: As needed, finds novel ways to view and respond to various situations to drive improvements in workflow and client relations.
  • Presentation or public speaking skills: comfortable speaking with small to medium sized crowds about general services or specific in-depth topics.
  • Confidence in using various software office technology: proficiency with scheduling software, Google Suites, Microsoft programs, email, and phone etiquette; Able to quickly find, learn, and implement new technology.
  • Bior multi-lingual: able to engage clients in multiple languages; preferred but *not* required.


Position Details

  • Starting salary $58,000
  • Full time (Monday-Friday) with flexibility outside of regular work hours to meet clients where they are.
  • Travel: This position may require the ability to travel to assigned employer members and/or neutral locations to meet clients. The position will require travel to Colorado for onboarding and training, and company events as scheduled.
  • Benefits include:
    • Paid time off and sick leave policy and 9 additional paid holidays
    • Health care, dental, vision and life insurance covered at 90% of premiums for employee
    • Short-term disability group options
    • 401k (eligibility starts after one year with up to 4% match)
    • Mileage and expense reimbursement
    • Commitment to staff to strive to be an employer of choice by exceptional salary compensation, training, and career pathways for employees


Please email a brief cover letter and a resume to our Program Manager, Brittany Robinson, at