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Help WorkLife Partnership promote #kindnessatwork by taking the 3-step kindness challenge.

Step 1: Share

Share a story on social media of when you demonstrated an act of #kindnessatwork or you were the recipient of an act of #kindnessatwork. Did a coworker help you through a difficult time? Did you help boost morale at the office? Big or small—any act counts! (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #kindnessatwork!)

People working in construction site. Men at work in new housing project. Team of happy workers laughing, talking and eating snack during lunch break

Step 2: Tag three other people.

In your social media post, tag three other people and encourage them to share their story. Let’s start a movement!

Step 3: Say “yes” to #kindnessatwork.

By adding your name, you are joining WorkLife Partnership and countless others across Colorado in promoting #kindnessatwork.

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