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We work directly with your employees to make them aware of available benefits – including Employee Assistance Programs – and how to properly utilize them.

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Benefits programs are just as important to workers today as salaries and job location. But with today’s changing diverse workforce, a one-size-fits-all benefits experience may not fully address your workers’ needs.


Consider this: 40% of employees would give up a wage increase if it meant keeping their current health coverage. But, if your employees don’t understand their benefits package or utilize it appropriately, they could be more inclined to seek employment elsewhere.


Not taking advantage of vital, existing benefits like healthcare could have a more profound effect on your bottom line. If employees don’t realize those benefits are available to them, they are less likely to seek care and are more likely to exhibit patterns of absenteeism or suffer from prolonged health conditions—all of which can negatively impact productivity and efficiency.

Even if you already have a robust benefits package in place with healthcare, paid time off, or employee assistance programs (EAPs), there’s no guarantee your workforce fully understands or, for that matter, utilizes those benefits.


WorkLife Partnership will work with your employees to supplement the benefits experience. We will take a holistic look at your company’s benefit packages and help workers understand how to take advantage of them.


Typical benefits explanations are limited to brief discussions and dense forms. These processes can often overwhelm workers and HR professionals alike. Through our proven process, we ensure that all employees have access to the appropriate resources that fit their individual budget and needs.

Benefits packages are expensive, and if your workforce isn’t using them or isn’t well-versed in their nuances, they may not work in your business’ favor.


Seventy-one percent of employees who report satisfaction with their workplace benefits program also say they’re loyal to their companies. By maximizing your employee benefits, you’re to retain key talent and reduce turnover.


In fact, if your employees are “engaged and thriving,” they are more likely to stay at your organization rather than search for a new position.


Lastly, if your workforce takes advantage of benefits like healthcare and other employee assistance programs (EAPs), your business could recoup significant productivity-related costs. Estimates peg productivity costs of absenteeism at $225 billion per year. Connecting your workforce with educational and actionable ways of taking advantage of existing benefits packages will help bridge this gap and add to the overall health of your business and bottom line.

A full understanding of benefits packages can reinforce feelings of loyalty and engagement in your employees.

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