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Businesses lose time and money when employees bring their personal challenges to work. At WorkLife Partnership, we offer unique employee benefits that connect workers to personalized resources and ongoing support.

Resource Navigation
One-on-one support for your employees when life gets tough


By giving your employees access to a WorkLife Resource Navigator, you can help your workers overcome challenges that make staying in their jobs more difficult. Because our Navigators are experts at finding solutions to tough challenges—like accessing reliable transportation, affording a place to live, locating childcare, managing debt—your employees will be able to tackle problems in their lives that can be insurmountable. For you, this means a less stressed, more engaged workforce.

Health Benefits Navigation
Individualized support for your employees in navigating benefits plans


By supporting your workforce in navigating their benefits, fewer employees will be distracted by unexpected health issues and related expenses. WorkLife’s Health Benefits Navigator works with employees individually to help them understand how to best access and utilize their health insurance benefits for both themselves and their families. The Navigator also helps employees understand the importance of preventative care and how to navigate medical bills. Along with these services, the Navigator helps to broaden the awareness of and increase access to your wellness programs.

Small Dollar Loans
Helping your employees avoid financial crises


Are your employees coming to you for paycheck advances? Are they bringing their financial stress with them to work? Financial crises can be a major distraction in the workplace if you don’t have a way to help your employees when emergencies arise. WorkLife’s Small Dollar Loan Program can help you give your employees the financial stability they need when the unexpected happens.
(Program only available to Colorado employers.)

Our Proven Process

We use the following three-step process to stop your employees from getting held back by personal hardships, so they can bring their best selves to work.

We ask and we listen.

We know the right questions to ask so we understand your employees’ challenges and what’s causing them. We’re trained to talk with people coping with hardship and we know how to help.

We give personalized, one-on-one support.

We connect your employees to thousands of resources that address their immediate concerns and then we work together to create a plan that gets them back on track. We encourage their progress over time so they feel supported along the way.

We think long term.

We help your employees build the knowledge and skills they need to tackle future challenges and progress toward their goals. With the trust we build, they know they can come to us whenever they need support.

Let’s talk.

So you can get your employees the help they need.