Frontline workers often have limited resources and little to no safety net, and they will be hit fastest and hardest by this crisis. You’re doing everything you can to keep your employees financially, physically, and mentally whole, but you’re feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed.


WorkLife has 11 years experience supporting frontline workers. With our deep understanding of assistance programs and community resources, we are uniquely prepared to meet the large demand for increased essential worker support during this crisis. We’ve launched a new Rapid Response Navigator Service to get your essential workers connected to the resources that are there to help them.

An HR Partner through Crisis


You don’t have to cope with this alone. We’ve created a Rapid Response Navigator Service that’s designed to get your workers the essential help they need right now and to support them so they can be up to their jobs when you need them the most.

To-the-Minute Resource Expertise


Our Navigators are aggressively cultivating this rapidly changing resource landscape. We’re monitoring minute-to-minute changes in available funding and benefits, program closings, and quarantine requirements and seeking supportive services to fill the gaps.

Always Remote and Tech-Connected


We always meet people where they’re at, whether it’s a text, call, or email, and we’re prepared for this moment. We will be open and operating without interruption through this crisis, supporting your employees one-on-one through virtual tools.

What We Offer

Many of your frontline workers are more essential than ever, but they’re struggling with issues like unemployed adults in the household, their children out of school, increased childcare costs, transportation issues, and emergency expenses on credit. We’re experts in exactly these kinds of challenges, and we can help. Here’s how:


Rapid Response Resource Navigators
One-on-one support for your employees


We’re experts at finding solutions to tough challenges like childcare, evictions, utility bills, and transportation. We’re rapidly scaling our resource and capacity to meet the tremendous demand so your employees can get connected to the resources that are there to help them. For you, this means a less stressed, more engaged workforce when you need them most.

Health Benefits Navigation
Making sense of health benefits


Our specialized Health Benefits Navigator helps employees and their families understand and access an often confusing healthcare system. We’re experts in issues like loss of coverage from an unemployed spouse, applying for COBRA, what care will be covered, when deductibles apply, finding sliding scale providers, and preventing unexpected medical expenses.

Hardship Fund Administration
Financial help to avoid financial crisis


Often it takes less than $500 at a critical moment to prevent a serious financial emergency. You may want to create a fund to support employees who are hitting hard times, but lack the time and resources to determine need and disperse funds. WorkLife can administer your fund to give your employees the financial bridge they need when emergencies arise.

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