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A Partnership That Makes a Difference

We know that as a human resource professional, you care about your workforce’s well-being and how that affects your organization, but you often lack the time and resources needed to help your employees overcome some of life’s toughest challenges.  From helping lower wage workers navigate Colorado’s expensive housing market, securing affordable and reliable childcare, overcoming budget shortfalls, preventing utility shut off, and avoiding predatory pay day loans, you can rely on our expertise to help you support an engaged and stable workforce.


That’s why WorkLife will help your business tackle employee retention, productivity, and engagement issues—all while connecting your workers to community resources that will help them overcome real life challenges.

Employee Engagement

An employee who is not invested in the success of your business is a drain on resources and profitability.

We help employees navigate solutions to work and home life challenges so they can be mentally and emotionally free to show up and be engaged at work.


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Employee Retention

Employers dealing with a high turnover rate find themselves in a logistical and financial nightmare.

We identify community programs, financial wellness programs, and personal opportunities that improve your bottom line by helping workers avoid or overcome the circumstances that may lead to termination.


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Employee Financial Wellness

Employees who are not distracted by overcoming financial hardship are more likely to be engaged and focused on the quality of their contributions while at work.

Our Financial Asset Building Program gives your employees access to small dollar loans at low interest rates. WorkLife will give your employees the support they need during the loan’s repayment, ultimately allowing them achieve greater financial stability.


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Maximize Employee Benefits

Benefits are a significant investment that should not go unused. And, your employees’ ability to navigate the benefits offered can make a substantial impact on your retention and engagement metrics.

We work directly with your employees to make them aware of available benefits – including Employee Assistance Programs – and how to properly utilize them. This ensures you are receiving the most value for your substantial investment in benefits across your workforce.


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Employers have a stake in improving access to childcare in Colorado. Unreliable and limited access to childcare leads to unplanned absenteeism and disruption to workforce productivity. This is particularly true for lower-wage workers whose access to affordable, convenient, and reliable childcare is extremely limited.

WorkLife Partnership helps alleviate this burden by serving as a Colorado Childcare Contribution Tax Credit Intermediary, using donations from businesses to build up more affordable childcare options in childcare deserts and underserved neighborhoods.


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