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WorkLife is growing! We are looking for an adaptable person to join our dynamic, fast-paced nonprofit with an entrepreneurial culture. We have an inherent optimism that prosperity is possible for everyone through work. The Navigator provides personalized, one-on-one support and facilitates access to resources for employees of employer member companies. The navigator is an expert in accessing community resources, government programs, and employer benefits. The Navigator works alongside the Program Director to partner with employer members to engage their frontline employees, implement and craft supplemental programming that improve employee well-being and retention. Learn about our Sustainable Workforce Model here.



WorkLife Partnership, founded in 2009, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating socially sustainable communities and thriving workplaces in Colorado. WorkLife deploys The Sustainable Workforce Model to minimize work disruptions, decrease absenteeism, improve workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increase employee retention and engagement by offering personalized, immediate, one-on-one assistance when workers need it most. We are the only organization doing this work in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region and we’re excited to be expanding nationally.



Brave • Cultivating Potential • Calm Resilience • Industrious • Enthusiastically Entrepreneurial • Data Storytellers

Navigator Core Competencies

Managing Work: Effectively manages time and resources to bring daily tasks and projects to completion. Identifies critical and less critical activities and tasks and prioritizes daily workload accordingly.

Decision Making: Identifies and understands issues; compares information to make a choice; chooses a course of action carefully and wisely; takes action.

CommunicationClearly expresses information and ideas through a variety of modalities; helps individuals understand and retain key messages. Organizes communication by clarifying the purpose and importance. Checks for understanding when communicating.

Contributing to Team Success: Actively participates as a member of a team to drive the team’s completion of goals. Makes suggestions, contributes ideas and demonstrates a personal commitment to the team’s success. Motivates others.

Work Standards: Sets high standards of performance for self and others; takes responsibility and accountability for successfully completing work. Establishes criteria and/or work procedures to achieve a high level of quality, productivity, or service. Admits mistakes and refocuses efforts when appropriate.

Adaptability: Maintains effectiveness when major changes to job or office environment occur; effectively handles and adapts to new structures or processes. Actively seeks to understand changes in work tasks, situations, and environments. Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes.

Customer Focus: Makes customers and their needs the focus of daily work. Develops and maintains customer relationships. Actively seeks information to understand customers’ circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs. Responds quickly to resolve problems.

Duties and Responsibilities

Resource Navigation: Connect employees with individualized services and community resources to overcome work and life issues that interfere withholding and keeping jobs. Build a strong body of knowledge around housing, transportation, food assistance, childcare, health/mental health, career and financial coaching resources. Work to expand the network and variety of resources available to employees. Organize multiple schedules to meet deadlines; impeccable time management.

Outreach: Introduce Navigator services to both employer members and employees by providing and delivering engaging content to encourage participation in the program. Participate in business meetings and functions and assist with the development of outreach and marketing strategy. Build a deep understanding of employer members’ human resources policies and workforce concerns.

Motivational Coaching: Utilize a strengths-based approach to working with employees of employer member companies. Provide timely, consistent and clear communication using the method most appropriate to the situation and individual employee’s needs (e.g., phone, email, text, and in-person appointments). Support employees to address both workplace and non-work issues. Develop competency in career and financial coaching techniques.

Data Collection and Utilization: Consistently collect and accurately enter data on service delivery; contribute to developing and administering surveys for program monitoring and evaluation purposes; utilize data to continually improve services and programming; collect qualitative data and employee stories to provide context and deepen understanding. Maintain confidentiality of employee data.  

Team Contribution: Enthusiastically contribute to creating a robust network of resources, referrals, and/or training opportunities by working collaboratively with the Program Director and a diverse set of internal and external partners and stakeholders. Share failures, successes and lessons-learned with a focus on honest assessment and continual improvement. Demonstrates passion and positivity, questions how it can be done better.

Education and Experience

  • Bilingual – Spanish preferred
  • 4-year or 2-year degree preferred in a Human Behavioral related field, Public Administration, or Business field. Equivalent work experience will be considered
  • Experience working in direct services (e.g., case management, career counseling, financial coaching, etc.) and experience using strengths-based approaches
  • Understanding of financial asset-building programs
  • Familiarity with government assistance programs, regulations, and local non-profits and agency’s
  • Valid Driver’s License; reliable transportation to accommodate meetings outside the office on a daily basis
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications and basic databases
  • Ability to learn and utilize new technology quickly
  • Experience capturing data in case management databases; attention to detail, demonstrates consistency and accuracy in data entry
  • Comfortable reading data charts, tables, and identifying trends
  • Willing and able to accommodate a flexible schedule and ability to make meetings outside the office daily.


Position Details

  • $21.15-$22.11/ hour
  • Full time – Monday through Friday
  • Benefits include:
    • Vacation and sick time
    • Paid holidays
    • Health, dental, vision and life insurance
    • 401k (after one year)
    • Semi-flexible schedule
    • Central location
    • Mileage reimbursed



Please send resume and cover letter to Mary Russell, Program Director at by February 21, 2018

In your Cover Letter, please include the following points in no particular order (keep to 1 page):

1) Why you are a good fit for our WorkLife model

2) Your experience using Motivational Interviewing and Strengths-based case management

3) Your experience in working with private industry (businesses, employers, aside from nonprofit work)

4) Your experience in evaluating data (if any)

A Partnership That Makes a Difference

We are committed to the principle that all employees can thrive with the right We know human resource professionals face daily challenges in helping workers thrive at work. . You care about your workforce’s well-being and how that affects your organization, but the time and resources required to fulfill their needs are often lacking. We’ll share our expertise to help you solve this dilemma and partner with your HR team  in supporting a engaged and stable workforce.

Employee Engagement

An employee who is not invested in the success of your company is a drain on resources and profitability. 

We find solutions to work- and home life problems so workers are mentally and emotionally free to give your business their undivided attention and dedication.


Learn More About Our Employee Engagement Services

Employee Retention

Employers dealing with a high turnover rate find themselves in a logistical and financial nightmare.

We identify community programs, financial wellness programs, and personal opportunities that improve your bottom line by helping workers avoid or overcome the circumstances that may lead to termination.


Learn More About Our Employee Retention Services

Employee Career Coaching

Workers are consumers of the workplace. Workers who feel they’re in a dead-end job will become disengaged with your company’s interests.

Our strategy of career coaching via upskilling helps fill gaps in the skills of your workforce and prepares your business to meet the demands of business growth.


Learn More About Our Employee Career Coaching Services

Employee Financial Wellness

Employees who are not distracted by overcoming financial hardship at work are more likely to be engaged and more focused on the quality of their contributions to their organization’s success.

The community programs that our experts have identified over the years, coupled with their in-depth expertise on financial matters, will help your employees achieve financial wellness and stability.


Learn More About Our Employee Financial Wellness Services

Maximize Employee Benefits

Benefits are a significant investment that should not go unused. And, your employees’ ability to navigate the benefits offered can make a substantial impact on your retention and engagement metrics.

We work directly with your employees to make them aware of available benefits – including Employee Assistance Programs – and how to properly utilize them. This ensures you are receiving the most value for your substantial investment in benefits across your workforce.


Learn More About Our Employee Benefits Services


Helping workers find access to affordable, convenient, and quality childcare can be a burden on managers and human resources staff.

We alleviate this burden by serving as a Colorado Childcare Contribution Tax Credit Intermediary, thus using business donations to childcare to help build up more affordable childcare options in neighborhoods where there are none.


Learn More About Our Childcare Services


Retention rate of organizations who partner with us.


Of our clients’ employees need help finding safe, affordable, accessible childcare.


Of our clients’ employees reported food insecurity.

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