Earlier this year, WorkLife Partnership made a commitment to action.

Through the Clinton Global Initiative, our leadership officially committed to an ambitious vision: to aggregate the resources of other like-interested employers, and develop a group of Employer Resource Networks – or ERN’s – to support, replicate and enrich the ERN model of talent development, retention and performance improvement.

An Employer Resource Network

Clinton-Foundation-LogoAn ERN is a social enterprise model for talent retention. The goal of any ERN is to pool the resources of small to mid-size businesses operating in a common geographic sector. These companies evaluate their training and employee-assistance needs, then link, leverage and assist each other – all in effort to retain a highly engaged and expertly skilled workforce.

The Sustainability of an ERN is Based on Value, as well as ROI

By evaluating and combining the needs of average skill-level employees, an Employer

Resource Network leverages resources in a way that wouldn’t be sustainable for each company to attempt individually.

Even more, if an ERN manages to combine a workforce of, say, over 2,000 employees – it could end up with a positive ROI averaging between 175-200% … or in many cases… more.

How it Works

Bill-Clinton-Foundation-CGIAn ERN offers tools very similar to lean processes and Performance Improvement principles – promoting continuous workforce development and consistent quality improvement. Root cause analyses, advancement pathways, collaboration with community resources, partnerships, and training initiatives all direct energy and attention to overall workforce growth.

One major objective is to acknowledge, educate and foster attention to a stable work-and-life balance. This positions talent to succeed, to grow, and to champion their employers’ missions. Retention specialists and coordinators work together with employees – often on-site or very-near-site – before and after shifts.

ERN administrative functions are carried out by leadership from investor companies. These boards review monthly performance evaluations, draw trends, and make decisions as determined by the specific needs of each company involved.

The Consortium for Sustainable Workforce Practices

WorkLife Partnership committed to creating the Consortium for Sustainable Workforce Practices – or the CSWP – which combines the efforts of a number of Employer Resource Networks to serve 50 companies, and their employees, within a span of three years.

We’ll offer consultation, start-up resources, growth strategies and insight from multiple ERN success stories.

The CSWP is determined to locate five agencies within specific target communities, and offer brand standards, operational framework and sustainability materials, marketing materials, employee training, and engagement strategies to support long-term growth and improvement.

Additionally, the Consortium will combine ERN networks at a national level to help standardize processes and develop best-practice policies, fundraising plans, and PI metrics and evaluation techniques to help draw a line through the workforce initiative’s overall impact on society.